How to join an MBA program?

MBAs are becoming more prevalent in Canadian business schools, but also internationally, as in China, Italy and Germany. Originally an Anglo-Saxon diploma having appeared in the United States and then in England, it represents elite training for anyone wishing to pursue a career in commerce and administration.

But beware; pursuing an MBA is a project that is preparing at least a year in advance! Aston University now offers an online MBA program in Canada. All courses are not equal, many formulas are available and an MBA abroad could be much more attractive for you than training in a French business school.

MBA abroad, important information:

What is an MBA?

The MBA is an originally Anglo-Saxon degree that is being prepared within a Business School. Elite training in American schools, it has spread over time in the rest of the world. Today, it is the most recognized diploma in the fields of commerce and administration.

How to register for an MBA?

MBAs have particular recruitment conditions, most of the time starting from the quasi-obligation for the student to have acquired at least 3 years of professional experience. In addition, there are several tests to assess your ability to think, your English and other skills.

Entry requirements for the MBA

If it’s easy to get into a low or not-recognized MBA degree, the best business schools get applications from around the world, and sort out their students. The conditions of entry into the most reputable formations are therefore binding and require significant preparation!

MBA Selection Interview

If your registration file is selected, you will have to go through a selection interview in front of a jury from the business school to which you are applying. The evaluators expect a lot of things from you, starting with a preliminary preparation and an adequate profile!

Financing solutions for an MBA

An MBA represents a significant investment that all students will not be able to finance on their own. Fortunately, there are many ways to finance your MBA, such as borrowings, sponsorship, scholarships, continuation of part-time training or a parallel activity.

The opportunities of an MBA

MBAs offer important career prospects due to the flexibility of graduates, especially internationally. Many sectors are particularly interested in graduates, such as banking, finance, industry, NGOs, and even more!