Agio Has Developed An Impressive Reputation As A Leading Provider Of IT Outsourcing For Hedge Funds:

The Benefits That Come With IT Outsourcing for Hedge Funds

One of the many outstanding services that Agio provides to the investment industry is IT outsourcing for Hedge funds. Choosing to go with an outsourced IT program is a common phenomenon in the hedge fund industry and it allows these firms to operate with greater efficiency and to save money. With this in mind, it is of the utmost importance that a hedge fund makes a wise choice when it comes to its IT outsourcing service provider. Agio is a company that has built an outstanding reputation within this field over the past 10 years since the company first launched. The field of IT within the hedge fund realm does require a significant amount of specialization due to its unique requirements. This is why it can be such a good choice to outsource these functions to a trusted provider such as Agio. Outsourcing IT functions is a great way for today’s hedge funds to receive excellent service in areas such as data security, desktop management, and sound policies for IT management, among other strong benefits.

How Agio Is Making A Difference

Founded in 2010, Agio has recently been able to celebrate its tenth anniversary of providing valuable services to the investment industry. These services include IT outsourcing for hedge funds. Other key services from Agio include cybersecurity, infrastructure support, a program to handle vendor risk, due diligence questionnaire services, and disaster recovery services, among other capabilities. Since Agio was founded by CEO Bart McDonough. The initial focus was on areas the included network management and database administration, along with several other key services. Agio has since then branched out into many of these other previously mentioned service areas. Within the realm of IT outsourcing services, these are a few of the key levels that Agio can offer to today’s hedge fund industry.

The Utilization of Staffing On A Supplemental Basis

One key area that today’s hedge funds choose to utilize outsourcing services for their IT needs is in the area of supplemental staff. These outsourced staff members can be utilized by the hedge fund whenever regular team members are out for various reasons such as illness and vacation time.

Outsourcing of Support Staff Roles

Many hedge funds also utilize an outsourcing model that is based around support staff. These support staff members can provide key assistance to the fund’s own in-house IT staff. This helps a fund to broaden its talent base and skill level within its IT operations.

A Complete IT Outsourcing Program

Another model that is being utilized by today’s hedge funds is a fully outsourced one where all IT functions are handled by a vendor that operates on an independent basis. This has the benefit of being highly cost-effective and it means that hedge fund managers will have more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

These are a few of the outstanding models that Agio can provide to today’s hedge funds. The firm also offers today’s funds options such as custom technology, and services on a value-added basis.