Marketing Warfare Strategies and their Importance

Every corporation starts the year with certain strategies and ambitions for the sake of growth and development. But for your corporation’s promotion, which many people supposed to be the main instrument of that growth, what actually employs the greatest effect? The answer is competition. For example, in case a competitor occupies your market territory, you’d take steps to protect it. Or, if you observe a weakness in a participant’s defense, you might amuse the idea of catching its consumers.

In this modern era as the crowded product marketplace is growing, it’s vital to have a solid viable policy to make sure that you stay one step ahead of others in the minds of consumers. Applying marketing warfare policies is the perfect ingredient to your overall marketing tactics and can help to reform your position within an industry. So the question that is important here not to forget that in the battle for consumers, it’s you against the enemy in the struggle. And as we all know that these days competition is greater and more volatile than ever. Go for JCU’s now offers an online mba for Canadians and register as soon as possible. Then what would be the perfect solution? The answer is simple. Just master the four strategies of marketing warfare and get ready to commit your marketing arsenal to any one of them on an instant’s notice.

Marketing Warfare Strategies

Following are the main four marketing strategies:

  • Defensive

It has been said and observed that the finest defense is a good offense. It means to say that taking care of consumers for fear that a competitor takes them away. Here a defensive marketing strategy is planned to hold consumers and constantly win their business. Consumer information sheet and their loyalty programs are the two best marketing tactics for rotating the wagons around your best customers.

Apart from that direct mail helps in making sure that consumers aren’t picked off one by one by your challengers’ mailings. And during Internet commerce is the rage; one big advantage of web sites is the capacity to treat customers otherwise. Those who list at the site can be given distinct access, express service, and e-mail alerts. Don’t misjudge the essentiality of the defensive marketing strategy.

There are many corporations that take consumers for granted and overspend going after new ones. Without competition, that’s OK. But the time when a competitor goes after your consumers, that’s the day everyone takes a defensive marketing strategy seriously. At this time, the damage is done and the real struggle is to reduce losses. So it would be better if you apply defensive strategy according to the need.

  • Offensive

With the help of a defensive marketing strategy, you can support an offensive. There is a higher possibility that your corporation has a new service. Or you find a weak area in your competitor’s defense. Maybe it’s an unexploited chance for your product offering.

Las Vegas which is also recognized as “Sin City” the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority propelled the main campaign that was endorsing Las Vegas as an entertainment resort to non-gamblers in the year 1999. It seems to be that while 87% of people hit the casino; over half surveyed now notice Vegas as more of an entertainment than a gaming point. It doesn’t matter if it’s Las Vegas or your corporate; you have to be alert of the consequences of applying an offensive marketing strategy. For most businesses, the major uncertainties are failure and competitors’ attacks.

  • Flanking

There is no doubt that marketing assaults are too expensive and too perilous. As an alternative, you have to pick your battles cautiously. The flanking marketing strategy makes it possible because it stresses upon the attacking of a competitor on the side most defenseless to your advances. It’s not a big deal how strong and dominant the competitor, there’s an Achilles’ heel waiting to be exposed and exploited. Get ready but you should have the money because a shrewd competitor will attack from behind with defensive strategies.

  • Guerrilla

This strategy has been preferred for a very long time from small companies that lack the deep pockets of far larger competitors. Though, it really relates to any business in a competitive state. Guerrilla marketing is low cost, quick hit advantages that either thrive or fail without fear of sinking the ship. In case the majority of your war chest is reserved for defense and attacks on your biggest competitor’s territory, it doesn’t leave much left for anything else. Still, you are supposed to test the waters. That’s where guerrilla marketing tactics like fax broadcast and advertising stunts fit without a glitch.

By applying the first two strategies you would be able to maintain your market domination and enhance your market’s share and with the right implementation of the last two strategies, would help you in making a profitable survival.