Quantic RS: 100% Automatic Trading

What is Quantic RS?

It is a company based in London, made up of several experts in the forex market and computer programmers specialized in the creation of high quality and stable Expert Advisors, used for free through a Copy Trading system provided by the Metatrader 5 platform.

How does it work?

You register with their Broker Partner, make the deposit, choose the “Gravity” strategy and link your account to copy trading. The operations will be spread over your account proportionally.

Certified Results

The results are certified by FxBlue, the world’s number one trading account certification portal.

The FxBlue account has a history of 1 calendar year, started in 2019.

This strategy operates on the following currency pairs:


The drawdown recorded to date is 6% and the average monthly profit is excellent. It is one of the best strategies currently on the market.

You can participate in the results of this fantastic technology with only 1000 € deposit.

The Broker allows the Quantic Rs strategy to connect to dozens of liquidity providers through the “FIX API” technology, which guarantees transactions up to 100 times faster than a classic connection.

All this allows to obtain the right speed to make the most of the trading strategy adopted by their automatic computer systems, radically increasing the degree of security compared to the traditional strategies commonly present on the market.

Click here to view the FxBlue certified account:


How to get started

  1. Register

Click on one of the buttons scattered on the website www.QuanticRs.com register and use the service for free.

  1. Deposit into your trading account

Choose the deposit method you prefer and join with a minimum deposit of 1000 €.

  1. Monitor the results

Now that all the steps are finished, all that remains is to monitor the results of the strategy directly from your Dashboard and take your profits whenever you want.

Are there any costs to join?

The Quantic Rs team has decided to make the service free. Their remuneration is based on the profit generated only.

Quantic Referral Plan Rs

It is possible to obtain further income with Quantic Rs by referring a friend. The compensation plan is really interesting and consists of 3 levels paid on the volumes moved by your network.

To learn more, access the website click on one of the buttons available to participate or join their Italian Telegram Channel https://t.me/QuanticRsBlack where you can contact them in chat.

They are present on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram and YouTube.

The support responds H24.