Education Loan – Invest in The Future Now!

Want to make yours and your loved one’s career and education dreams a reality? Doing so shouldn’t be a problem just because you can’t afford to pay for the educational training. With a student loan from MultiCredit, a company operating since 1999 in Switzerland, you can finally invest in your future or the future of your kids.

The best part about our student and training loans is they cover a wide range of educational needs – whether you want to go for a postgraduate training or attend a private school. You can finally climb up the ladder in your professional career, learn a new language, or even witness your little ones excel with the best education.

Along with the loans’ flexibility, we offer a broad range of loan amounts, competitive interest rates lower than most institutions, reasonable return periods, and a quick and hassle free approval process. So, before we continue boasting about why getting an education loan is a good idea, let’s talk about why choosing MultiCredit is the best option.

Why Choosing MultiCredit in Switzerland?

  • We come with over two decades of experience since our founding in 1999
  • We take care of all the cumbersome administrative processes
  • We negotiate some of the lowest interest rates on the market for you – as low as 4.5%
  • We have a flexible return period – between 12 and 84 months
  • We don’t charge any costs associated with your loan application
  • We offer loan amounts ranging from 3000 to 400,000 Swiss Francs
  • We cover all types of student and training education loans – including tertiary education, continuing education, and professional development
  • We offer up to 24 hours guaranteed loan pick up, after signing all the documentation
  • We offer support to mitigate unforeseeable financial risks in case of unavoidable circumstances such as retrenchments, job loss, or illnesses
  • We guarantee security, privacy, and confidentiality for all our client’s data

In addition to our competitive loan conditions, we guarantee professionalism throughout the process from application to payment of the loan. No matter the amount of loan applied for, each client is assigned an expert to assess their financial capacity free of charge to ensure you find the best possible student loan option for your needs and one you can afford to repay.

Furthermore, MultiCredit offers extensive advice for Swiss citizens and C permit holders on receiving study loan tax deductions – allowing you to save even more on finances intended for your study. Plus, with a wide range of refinancing and debt consolidation solutions, we offer options for additional funding you thought you didn’t need or didn’t have access to.

While you enjoy all the benefits we offer along the way, the number one service you will appreciate is our fast-paced process. MultiCredit offers expedited application handling services to all its clients, so you don’t have to miss out on your program’s registration or fee payment period.

After all, it takes no more than 2 minutes to fill out our online application and receive a response from one of our loan officers.